The History of Medical Marijuana


For quite a while, folks have recognized the medical uses of marijuana. You will find a few who think that marijuana continues to be used for over 12,000 years now. In reality, the National Institute of Health includes previously made public comprehensive studies of the feasible medicinal applications of marijuana back in 1997.

A few of the medical uses for marijuana include the ensuing:

• Invigorate desire for food

o One of the medicinal uses of marijuana can be to boost individuals’ hunger. Studies have demonstrated that folks gain amplified desire for food and food consumption after ingesting marijuana. In a 1970s poll, it was revealed that 93percent of marijuana users claimed that they could take pleasure in food together with consuming a lot more once they had used marijuana.
O Another claim related to this usage is the fact that marijuana has assisted HIV patients to get amplified appetites not to mention put on weight.

• Nausea as well as Nausea Triggered by Chemotherapy

o There were various tests done concerning the antiemetic results of dronabinol. In 1975, research was demonstrated concerning the excellence of dronabinol in chemotherapy-induced vomiting. Upon one of the reports carried out on the medical usages of marijuana, 35 percent of the patients were totally free of throwing up, as15percent showed up free of queasiness. An additional report regarding 74 patients was performed. The outcome was that 34percent of the patients claimed to the success of marijuana, as an additional 44percent declared that it was somewhat successful. Nevertheless, a 1997 poll caused to an oncologist stating that he will gladly suggest the use of medical marijuana in Massachusetts to just one of every 5 patients.

• Analgesia

o though varying outcomes were disclosed on the assessment of marijuana like an excellent analgesic, the all round outcome is the fact that marijuana possesses analgesic attributes. On a scientific analysis composed on rats as well as mice, it is often noticed that marijuana is much more powerful compared to morphine in the management of soreness.

• Neurological Problems

o Studies reveal that there was antitremor, antitataxic, and antitataxic action that is definitely associated with the utilization of marijuana. It truly is declared that these types of attributes could be used in Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s cholera, seizures, as well as spinal cord injuries. Either used to smoke and oral marijuana is proven to have produced a few advantages in the management of Huntingdon’s and also Parkinson’s Diseases.

• Glaucoma

o there are reports, which revealed that using marijuana, have reduced intraocular pressure. It can be declared that using a medical marijuana doctor  have reduced intraocular pressure by up to 27 percent versus placebo.